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Little Lake Little League is a 100% volunteer organization dedicated to building character, courage and loyalty in our city's youth by providing a fun, safe and competitive baseball program.  To be successful, Little Lake Little League requires the support of the local community.  Community Sponsorship donations help offset the cost of the program including equipment, player insurance and umpires as well as help supplement player participation fees.  As an individual or local business involved in Little Lake Little League, you will benefit by being recognized for your goodwill and support.  


If you would be interested in sponsoring Little Lake Little League, please take a moment to complete the Sponsorship below.  We appreciate your generosity!


All donations are tax deductible as we are a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization!


Earn $20 off your child's registration for every sponsor you bring to the league!

How the discount works:

Receive a $20.00 credit, up to a free registration, off the following season's registration for every sponsor you bring to Little Lake.  There is no limit to how many sponsors you may bring.


Who can sponsor Little Lake Little League:

Any business or individual intrested in helping the community can sponsor Little Lake.


Sponsorship Guidelines...

-Businesses promoting or affiliated with alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sex, etc. will be exempt from serving as Sponsors of Little Lake Little League.

-$20.00 credit will apply towards new sponsors and will not include businesses already sponsoring Little Lake.


Corporate Sponsorship Contribution:

With a donation of $350.00, Little Lake Little League will be happy to hang your company banner on our fence on field #1.  Or, if you prefer, for a contribution amount of $300.00, we will be glad to hang a banner provided by you.


All donation amounts are welcome. 


*Little Lake has the right to refuse any sponsor that may be inappropriate.


If you have any questions you may contact Jose Ramirez at president@littlelakebaseball.com.

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